Catalogue Digital Editions


The Catalogue of Digital Editions lists – as the name already suggests –digital editions from the Middle Ages up to the Modern Period. The resources are searchable by period, institution, edition and language of the manuscript. They keep adding new digitisations and you can submit digitised manuscripts if they are missing one.

It’s not specifically concerned with saints, sanctity or hagiographic texts, but they of course also list digitsations on these topics (i.e. Saint Patrick’s Confessio )

Author: Peter Andorfer and Ksenia Zaytseva  of the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (Vienna) as well as Greta Franzini of the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities (London)

Last Updated: 06.2017

Type: Link Collection, Source

Era: Late Antiquity; Early Middle Ages; High Middle Ages; Late Middle Ages

Language: English