About Us

We are concerned with making the historical research on Scandinavian hagiographies visible and building a digital research surrounding. Alongside the digitisation of editions, we are providing an open access platform for hagiographic research. The Online Hagiography Sourcebook provides an annotated collection of scientific material on hagiographic research from the entire Middle Ages available on the internet and is thus a centralised contact point for researchers world-wide. We compiled digitally available primary sources, secondary literature and other relevant digital publications, i.e. blogs.

This website is part of the DFG-founded project Holy Heroes – Heroic Saints. Interdependency, Integration and Transformation of  Discourses on Model Conceptions in Early and High Medieval Scandinavia.

Here you can learn more about the whole project and its other sections.

Project members: Project Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andreas Bihrer

Project Associate: Fiona Fritz

Project Assistant: Philipp Frey