Pinakes – Textes et manuscrits grecs

This website collects Greek texts and manuscripts. They also include hagiographic texts. The database is searchable by saint, country, author, oevre and other. They also included a list with a few helpful links under the heading “liens”, French for “links”.

Pinakes – Textes et manuscrits grecs

A French website that contains the digitised manuscripts and index sheets of the Greek hagiographic manuscripts of the Société des Bollandistes (Bibliotheca hagiographica Manuscripta graeca). It’s a cooperation between the Société des Bollandistes and the Laboratoire D’Excellence Relisions et Sociétés dans le monde méditerranéen (Labex RESMED). You can search for manuscripts… Continue Reading Pinakes – Textes et manuscrits grecs

Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts: Internet Resources

Looking for digitised illuminated manuscripts? This site is an excellent collection of internet resources on Medieval illuminated manuscripts. Robert Miller from the University of Maryland University College lists websites to online images and resources of Medieval life, digitised manuscripts, blogs, brilliant Medievalist twitter handles (#MedievalTwitter),… Use this website as a starting… Continue Reading Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts: Internet Resources

Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Saints’ Lives

The Internet Medieval Sourcebook (IMS) is part of the Internet History Sourcebook project, which aims at providing digital versions of public domain original source texts and can be used as an online textbook. The Saints’ Lives subpage of the IMS groups information on and source texts about saints via era… Continue Reading Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Saints’ Lives

The Labyrinth – Resources for Medieval Studies

A Collection of Links to useful websites concerning Medieval Studies. They aim at providing an “Ariadne’s Thread” through the maze of information available online sorted by categories. If you click, for example, on the category Church History you get links to the Cistercian Order, the St. Pachomius Library and much more.

OKI Regensburg – Unsere Linksammlung

A German collection of links to the homepages of Orthodox archdioceses and dioceses from around the world (sorted by country) as well as links to Catholic, Protestant and Ecumenical associations and dioceses. They also include several websites on liturgy. This site might be particularly interesting if you are looking for… Continue Reading OKI Regensburg – Unsere Linksammlung

Documenta Catholica Omnia

This site lists PDFs (scans) of Latin editions of Christian documents: a multilanguage catholic e-books database. They include liturgy, papal documents, patristic texts, and much more. For those interested in the present-day Catholic church, they also provide a list of archbishoprics from the entire world.

Franciscan Authors (13th -18th century)

A catalogue of Franciscan authors that is continually growing. Bert Roest and Maarten van der Heijden include an alphabetical list of the authors and further links to the preaching and historiography of saints. Additionally, they also provide information on Franciscan provinces.

Walters Ex Libris

Website of the Walters Art Museum including brilliant digitisations of more than 300 marvellous illuminated manuscripts, of the first printed books and of deluxe editions. Next to high-resolution images of Books of Hours and Gospels, they provide Ethopian Miniatures, Treasure Binding and much more. They also provide XML format, TEI information… Continue Reading Walters Ex Libris

Saint Pachomius Library

The Saint Pachomius Library is an encyclopaedia of Orthodox saints. It was established in 1994 and includes alphabetically sorted information on (Orthodox) theological concepts and short profiles of saints with further links to publications on this saint. The site is expected to undergo a major update in 2017.